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MassChallenge Switzerland awards 7 finalists and welcomes BASF as industrial partner

7 companies, from the 75 startups accelerated this summer at MassChallenge Switzerland, have been selected by the final judges to receive non-equity cash prizes. Based at UniverCité in Renens, these startups have been judged on their capacity for high-impact and high potential, as well as their progression through the 4-month programme.

MassChallenge Named Top Accelerator for the 2016 Seed Rankings Project

Yael and her team at the Seed Rankings Project began their work 5 years ago with the goal of trying to create a conversation about the accelerator phenomenon and its effect -- between startups, investors, etc -- to better help entrepreneurs identify the creme of the crop, the accelerators that will actually help them get to where they want to go.

Here are the top Accelerators, according to the 2016 SARP: