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MassChallenge Experts are seasoned industry and business professionals who volunteer their time to help high-impact startups. Our experts enjoy privileged access to the best startups from around the world. Becoming a part of MassChallenge's expert pool is a unique opportunity to advise early-stage companies and to network with other high-profile mentors across industries.

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Please note: MassChallenge UK’s next planned accelerator is in 2018. We are planning additional programmes, services, and new opportunities in the UK in 2017, so we ask that you still apply to be a MassChallenge UK expert. If you are also interested in supporting other MassChallenge accelerator programs, we encourage you to apply for those locations as well. Contact with any questions.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Entrepreneurs with a demonstrated track record of success (this may include successful exits, significant fundraising, bootstrapping to scale, a long history of startup experiences)
  • Industry-specific professionals with significant early-stage or industry experience (includes Lawyers, Accountants, Marketing Professionals, etc. that are typically Partner/Manager/Director-level and above)
  • General business professionals with significant management experience (includes sales, business development, business management, etc.)
  • Investors (includes angel investors, venture capitalists, and/or corporate venture professionals director level and above)
  • Technical Experts & University Experts with specific, topical expertise or academic credentials relevant to their field (includes professors, lecturers and researchers)
  • Consultants with employment at reputable firm or self-employed with track record of work at reputable firms


Being a MassChallenge mentor is a serious commitment during the 4-month accelerator program. The best MassChallenge mentors are:

  • Proactive - Mentors proactively engage with Finalists both in person through attendance at required events and virtually through efficient response times.
  • Invested - Mentors should spend a minimum of 1 hour every other week engaging with each startup mentored. If you are accepted into the Mentor program, you are expected to mentor at least one team.
  • Committed - Mentors are expected to engage with Finalists across MassChallenge Programs through proactive mentorship and conduct office hours.

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